A person with white shoes standing on the ground.

Ballet & Tap

Our ballet and tap classes are a combination class. Every student with a dream of dance needs to have a base of ballet and tap. The ballet provides the exquisite presence on stage while tap provides the student with the rhythm and coordination they will need.


Jazz is the next basis every dancer needs after ballet and tap. Our Jazz classes are extremely fun and focus on completing the foundation every great dancer needs. Dancers will learn a routine and have opportunities to perform.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is our newest program at our studio. Our Hip Hop classes are offered starting at ages 7 and go to our company level dancers. These classes are super fun and offer a great elective and foundation classes as dancers learn to move their bodies. Dancers will learn a routine and have opportunities to perform.

Pre-Pointe/ Pointe

Our Pre-Pointe / Pointe class is our class that prepares and maintains a dancer for pointe. We don’t put our dancers on pointe until their feet are done growing as it can damage their feet if done any earlier. Their core also has to be strong enough to support their footwork.


The contemporary class is offered to our advanced level dancer and our jr. advanced level dancer. This class is for the dancer that wants to experience a different type of dancing that takes sharpness yet the ability to dance out of the box.


We offer two different levels for this class. We have our younger stretch leaps and turns and then our Jr. advanced / advanced level. This is a technique class used to help build strength and flexibility along with that extra push to help the dancer excel.

Competitive Teams

The competitive teams are by try-outs only. We offer this class from 6 years old through high school. These teams are for the dancer who is ready to be pushed harder. These teams work very hard and grow very close because of the time they put in. To be a part of a competitive team you must also be enrolled in a ballet and tap class, along with a jazz class. The dancer must stay enrolled in these classes through the entire season to stay on the competitive team. There is a separate monthly fee for this class along with a separate costume fee and competition fee.

Adult Tap/Jazz
Our Adult Tap & Jazz class is on Saturday mornings. This class provides the basic fundamentals while still providing a challenge. The ladies in this class have tons of fun and a great time. This class is offered in six week increments.